10proulette| What is the function of the button on the Xuanyi handle?

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Among the popular family sedan of Nissan Xuanyi10prouletteThe buttons on the gear handle play an important role. They not only improve the convenience of driving, but also enhance the safety of the vehicle. This article will introduce in detail the function of the button on the Xuanyi handle and its application in daily driving.

110proulette. Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) Button

A prominent button on the Xianyi gear handle is the Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) button. This button replaces the traditional mechanical handbrake and uses the electronic control unit to realize the vehicle's parking function. When the driver presses this button, the vehicle's braking system will automatically activate to ensure that the vehicle is stable when parked. In addition, the EPB system also has an automatic release function. When the vehicle starts and starts to drive, the system will automatically release the parking state, which greatly facilitates driving operations.

210proulette. Auto Hold button

Another useful button is the Auto Hold function button. This feature is particularly useful in urban driving, especially in traffic conditions with frequent starts and stops. When the Auto Hold function is activated, the vehicle will automatically apply the brakes when parking. Even if the driver releases the brake pedal, the vehicle will not move forward or backward. This not only reduces driver fatigue, but also improves the safety of parking on slopes.

3. Driving mode selection button

The Xuanyi gear handle is also equipped with a driving mode selection button, allowing the driver to select the appropriate driving mode according to different driving conditions and preferences. For example, Economy Mode (ECO) optimizes fuel efficiency and is suitable for daily commuting, while Sport Mode (SPORT) provides more sensitive throttle response and a more aggressive gearbox shifting strategy for users who pursue driving passion.

10proulette| What is the function of the button on the Xuanyi handle?

Through the above introduction,10prouletteWe can see that the button design on the Xuanyi gear handle fully considers the convenience and safety of driving. The integration of these functions not only improves the driving experience, but also reflects modern car design's deep understanding of user needs.

Button name Function description Electronic parking brake (EPB) automatically realizes parking and release of the vehicle to improve parking safety Auto Hold automatically applies braking when parking, reducing driver operations and improving safety driving mode Select different driving modes based on driving conditions and preferences to optimize the driving experience

In short, the button design on the Xuanyi gear handle not only reflects the progress of modern automobile technology, but also greatly improves the convenience and safety of driving. Whether it's daily commuting or weekend travel, these features provide drivers with a more comfortable and safe driving experience.

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